Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wesman's here!!!

Well, plans to sell Wesman are put on hold for now because he pulled into the farm here in Virginia around 3am! It's so exciting seeing him, I thought for sure when I left Mass. I was saying goodbye forever.
Nothing against the crew back home, and by crew I mean Mom and Dad, but little Wesman was a hot mess when he pulled in! At 3 in the morning, however, I opted to put him in a small turnout for the night and deal with him at a normal hour.
After a bath and an full body clip of epic proportions Wesman started to blend in with the other horses... sort of. We went for a hack to show off the new look, though no one really knew it was a new look. He was being particularly adorable, which was great. For now, everyone seems to like him...
I missed the little guy.

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