Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Friday after we finished everything at the two barns I met up with Ali and her friend to make the voyage up to Maryland for Fair Hill! (Up to Maryland still feels weird!) We got in really late so we spent the night at Ali's parents house. King size bed = awesome. The next morning we woke up super early, of course, and drove over to the show grounds.
Once we parked we found Andrea, who gave us our super awesome wrist bands that let us go ANYWHERE, and we were off to the barns!
I spent most of the day in the barns. I iced many legs and went for many hand walks. The MOST exciting part, at least for me, was being a part of the crew in the box after cross country. It was pure organized chaos and it was awesome! Then of course, it was back to icing legs. My hands were very cold most of the day.
When my hands were near normal temperature it was time for dinner. My first ever competitor party! Also very exciting! I'm sure no one else thought it was half as awesome as I did, but the fact that I was sitting in a cramped, over heated tent without nearly enough food was overwhelming-- one of the highlights to my weekend. Strange.
A few last minute things in the barn and then off to the van for some sleep.
We were the first in the barns Sunday morning, the lady who checks for your wristband wasn't even at the gate yet... I took the boys out for some early morning grazing before returning to my life calling: icing!
True to the lifestyle we are apparently living here we spent the majority of our time in the warm-up ring with the best company. We chatted for some time with Boyd Martin and Phillip Dutton. David came by for a bit before Marcia Kulak took over the warm-up ring coaching anyone who would listen...which was pretty much everyone!
My amazing zooming abilities while video taping the rounds at Maryland made this my job again come Sunday... However, I missed the last jump... and they pulled a rail... so I don't think I will be taping anytime soon.
But, overall the weekend was awesome! All three horses were in the top ten, everyone was happy.
And just like the way up to Maryland, I slept the whole way home...

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