Sunday, June 8, 2008

O'Connor Camp Day 1 (post showers)

So David was running late coming back from the Safety Summit in Kentucky and Karen was behind in going back to get the sleeper so we are all doing the official welcoming meeting tomorrow morning... at 7am.
Cathy Wieschhoff began the "fake" welcome meeting... She told everyone that basically David should be doing the whole introduction biz but gave us a run down on what is going on this week. We start tomorrow morning with the Bull! (Which doesn't have a name apparently, but that will be taken care of!). Following that we will be working with our horses "on lines" and doing all of the natural horsemanship stuff on the ground. Then we will ride after lunch tomorrow and pretty much go from there for the rest of the week. She really stress that everyone is here for us!
So apparently Karen and David will be teaching, obv. but so will Cathy and Amy... and we should all have a chance to work with each of them at least once during the week. Cathy also mentioned that there would be lectures happening throughout the week about everything from saddle fitting to CPR/first aid- all to be taught by Max Corcoran (Karen's right hand-apparently), Amy Tryon, AND a bunch of other really cool people.

Rumor has it Wed. there's jeopardy?!... and volleyball...

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