Sunday, June 8, 2008

O'Connor Camp Day 1

Wesman got picked up by the shipper around midnight and was off and on his way. (The same shipper that takes all the horses to camp!) We ended up leaving a few hours later around 3am but we all ended up at the VA Horse Center around 1pm and settled Wesman in. He got a nice fan on his stall door- its about 95 degrees here.
Karen and her head groom Max are here already with two horses and some dogs- David will be coming in later as he is still at the Safety Summit in KY. Tons of other horses are pouring in-two or three of which belong to Amy Tryon!!…not intimidating at all.
We just left to check into the hotel and are heading a back to the horse center in a minute. Everyone is suppose to be in by 4pm and I'm thinking we are going to have a meeting of some sort then.

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