Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cross Country Schooling at Apple Knoll with Swift River Pony Club

The club finally came together to get a schooling day in at Apple Knoll.
Little Finnegan and I were the champions of the day, being the only pair not to seperate at some point!
Apple Knoll is having a schooling event soon so all the jumps out on course were numbered which was awesome! It was a great oppertunity to see how the jumps would relate to eachother on course verses taking the jumps individually like I tend to normally do when schooling.
Finnegan was great all day, we stuck to mainly the training level fences- which was a great confidence boost after out fail at King Oak last weekend. I finally took Jerry's advice and used the running martengle and it was wonderful! I don't kow why I don't listen to him more often.

Molly took some videos through out the day and as soon as I get the link from her they will be posted!

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