Monday, April 20, 2009

Last stop before Nationals for the Eq team...

Before heading down to Tennessee we went up to Dartmouth for an unofficial IHSA show. This was the last opportunity to ride in front of a judge before we left for Nationals.
We had to wake up before the sun so we could get up there on time but we got to take a bus (instead of vans) so sleeping the entire drive was totally an option!
Lucky for us, it was a wonderful opportunity to get out some bad luck! Three or four people lost a stirrup on course, we had many incorrect leads, and even a few wrong diagonals!
But we had a ton of fun, and our walk-trotters DOMINATED!

AND while the Eq team was putting on the final touches at Dartmouth, the Dressage team was in Ohio competing at Nationals! Trying to defend the Champion status earned last year proved to be difficult. The team pulled out a sixth place finish at the end of the weekend.

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