Sunday, August 24, 2008

Off to Gap Mountain

Jerry's not well enough to be teaching again... he breaks more often than I would like. So I called up Stephie Baer- who for whatever reason decided she actually liked Wesman at Young Rider and told me if ever I wanted to ride with her she was only a phone call away!
After Kent, Stephie got a phone call. Luckily she was doing a clinic up at Gap Mountain in New Hampshire this weekend and Wes and I were invited to tag along.
I planned on riding shortly after the actual clinic had ended so when Wesman's antics were in full swing no one was around to see. However, like many things in life, things didn't exactly go according to plan. I ended up jumping into the tail end of the last group to go and then ended with a private lesson of sorts.
When we first joined the group I had thought Wesman was going to put on his clinic face and be a perfect little angel... then we cantered up to the water!
Stephie's plan of attack was very similar to Jerry's- go some where and go fast! It doesn't matter where as long as we are going forward. We lengthened. We shortened. We cropped. We spurred. Eventually we made it into the water complex.
So we accomplished a lot. According to Stephie we just need more... of everything.
The need for more actually caused Stephie to invite Wes and I to go out to PA for a few days to ride around with the great Bruce Davidson.
We'll just have to see how the parent's respond to this idea... I very much like it!

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